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Preprints/In review

Ehrlich M.A., Drown, M.K., DeLiberto, A.N., Crawford, D.L., and Oleksiak, M.F. Relentless Selection: The importance of within-generation selection in heterogeneous habitats. In review 2023.

+co-first authors                           
*undergraduate co-authors

Drown M.K., Oleksiak M.F., and Crawford, D.L. (2023). Trans-acting genotypes drive mRNA expression affecting metabolic and thermal tolerance traits. Genome Biology and Evolution.

Flack N., Drown M.K., Walls C., Pratte J., McLain A., Faulk C. (2023). Chromosome-level, nanopore-only genome and allele-specific DNA methylation of Pallas’s cat, Otocolobus manul. Nucleic Acids Research: Bioinformatics.

DeLiberto A.N., Drown M.K., Ehrlich M.A., Oleksiak M.F., and Crawford D.L. (2022). Feeling the heat: Variation in thermal sensitivity within and among populations. Journal of Experimental Biology.

Drown, M.K.+, DeLiberto, A.N.+, Flack, N., Doyle, M.*, Westover, A.G.*, Proefrock, J.C.*, Heilshorn, S.*, D’Alessandro, E., Crawford, D.L., Faulk, C. and Oleksiak, M.F. (2022). Sequencing bait: Nuclear and mitogenome assembly of an abundant coastal tropical and subtropical fish, Atherinomorus stipes. Genome Biology and Evolution.

Drown, M.K., Crawford D.L., & Oleksiak, M.F. (2022). Transcriptomic analysis provides insights into molecular mechanisms of thermal physiology. BMC genomics.

Chambers, R. C., Habeck, E., Boyce, D., Drown, M. K., Brewster, S., & Zyck, A. (2021). Scope of response of Atlantic silverside (Menidia menidia) to a broad range of constant and variable CO2 regimes. Internal Report.

Chambers, R. C., Habeck, E., Boyce, D., Drown, M. K., Wieczorek, D., & Poach, M. (2021). A new apparatus for revealing the biological scope-of-response of small marine organisms to multiple CO2 regimes. Internal Report.

Drown, M.K., DeLiberto, A.N., Ehrlich, M.A., Crawford, D.L., & Oleksiak, M.F. (2021). Interindividual variation in metabolic and thermal tolerance traits from populations subjected to recent anthropogenic heating. Royal Society Open Science. 

Traylor-Knowles, N., Connelly, M.T., Young, B.D., Eaton, K., Muller, E.M., Paul, V.J., Ushijima, B., DeMerlis, A., Drown, M.K., Goncalves, A. and Kron, N. (2021). Gene Expression Response to Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease Transmission in M. cavernosa and O. faveolata From Florida. Frontiers in Marine Science. (Press release below)

Drown, M.K., DeLiberto, A.N., Crawford, D.L., & Oleksiak, M.F. (2020). An innovative setup for high-throughput respirometry of small aquatic animals. Frontiers in Marine Science: Aquatic Physiology. 

Colwell, M., Wanner, N.M., Drown, C., Drown, M.K., Dolinoy, D.C., & Faulk, C. (2020). Paradoxical whole genome DNA methylation dynamics of 5’aza-deoxycytidine in chronic low-dose exposure in mice. Epigenetics.

Colwell, M., Drown, M.K., Showel, K., Drown, C., Palowski, A., & Faulk, C. (2018). Evolutionary conservation of DNA methylation in CpG sites within ultraconserved noncoding elements. Epigenetics, 13(1), 49-60.

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